It is our firm policy to abide by the Personal Information Protection Law, and other related regulations when conducting
our day-to-day operatons. In addition, we will gather our customers’ personal information both legally and impartially and
utilize, manage and protect such information appropriately.

This section explains our policy on collection and using the above personal information.

1. Collection personal information

We will collect our customers’ personal information using legal and impartial methods such as:
 1) Inquiries through our home page, telephones, facs, and e-mails.
 2) Information provided by our customers through various documents, inputs from web, etc. and
   through verbal communication

2. Our policy on using personal information

1 The personal information collected through the above medium will be used for the following purposes:
 1) Responding to your inquiries and registering customer information in our database
 2) Sending information of our products and services as well as marketing visits
 3) Providing information concerning our business operations, sending questionnaires, etc.
 4) Sending information on daily business information to our customers
 5) Sending information concerning our exhibits, marketing exhibition, etc.
 6) Recruiting or hiring personnel
 7) Sending other notices as required by law, governmental regulations, and guidance, etc.

2 Our firm may use such information without your consent and for other purposes not mentioned in the above clause.
 1) In order to comply with the law
 2) To protect life, body or assets of our customers and when it is extremely difficult to aquire your consent.

3. Management of personal information

Personal information provided by our customers will be managed in the following manner:
1 We will take necessary and appropriate measures regarding controlling access to such information.
2 We will take necessary and sufficient measures to provide accuracy and safety of personal information.
3 We will take necessary education and training to protect personal information and measures including
  training of our personnel to ensure safety of these information.
4 If in the case of personal information being stolen, we will take necessary steps to find out the facts and the causes of
  such incident, as well as preventing secondary damages, installing necessary precautionary measures to avoid
  recurrence of such events, and take other appropriate measures.

5 Personal information provided by our customers will not be provided to other third-parties except for the following cases:
 1) When our customer has given instruction or an approval to disclose such information
 2) When authorities request such disclosure owing to law, regulations, etc.

4. Editing personal information

1 When we receive requests from our customers regarding change, addition or deletion of certain personal information,
  upon confirmation that such request is valid, we will edit the content of personal information to the extent that such changes
  will accomplish goals of using such information, and notify such changes to the parties that requested such changes.

5. Revisions to our Privacy Policy

In the event that our privacy policy has been revised concerning collection, usage, management, editing, etc., of personal information,
we will make notification on the home page.
Moreover, we will comply with the rules and regulations applied to the personal information that we have collected, and will make
necessary amendments and improvements to our privacy policy.